Textrepräsentationen in digitalen Medien - WS 15/16

Conceptual and technical aspects of texts in digital media

University of Hamburg, 22./29.01.2016 in Phil271 - Course catalog

Arbeit mit Sprachkorpora - WS 14/15

Working with corpora of spoken language: transcription, annotation, and analysis

University of Hamburg, Wed 14:00-16:00 in Phil271 - Course catalog

Korpuslinguistik - SS 11

Einführung in die Korpuslinguistik (Introduction to Corpus Linguistics)

University of Bielefeld, Tue 14:00-16:00 in C01-277 - eKVV


Formale Methoden III - SoSe 2010

Time/location of the lecture: Wednesday 10-12, C01-253 (Dr. Jens Michaelis)

Time/location of the tutorials: Tuesday 16-17, C01-273 and Thursday 9-10, C01-273

The slides of the lecture as well as homework can be found on studip. Please do not hesitate to ask me any question and feel free to contact me.

Dialogsysteme - WiSe 08/09

Entwurf und Implementation von Dialogsystemen (Design and implementation of dialogue systems)

Short tutorial for TortoiseSVN (German)

Additional resources about DialogOS and the implementation of the "embodied conversational agent BiBot" can be received after contacting me

Formale Methoden III - SoSe 2005

Material and information about the lecture can be found at Christian Ebert

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