Representation, Processing, and Visualization of multiple hierarchies with XStandoff and XSLT

Resources of the Master's Thesis of Daniel Jettka, March 2011


The XSLT 2.0 stylesheets which are part of the in the Master's Thesis can be viewed in source code and in two distinct documentation formats:

StylesheetOxygen DocumentationXSLTDoc
inline2XSF.xsl Docu Docu
mergeXSF.xsl Docu Docu
mergeXSF-sa.xsl Docu Docu
extractXSFcontent.xsl Docu Docu
XSF2inline.xsl Docu Docu
XSF2SVG.xsl Docu Docu
XSLTDoc2OxygenDoc.xsl Docu Docu

The complete set of the stylesheets can be downloaded as a zip archive.

XStandoff examples

A bunch of XStandoff examples can be found at and if required you can download a commplete package including primary data and XML schemas from

The following table lists some examples (from and some additional representations of inline variants and SVG visualizations:

XStandoff instance (inline2XSF.xsl)Inline XStandoff (XSF2inline.xsl)SVG (XSF2SVG.xsl)
agrippine-xsf.xml agrippine-inline-xsf.xml agrippine-xsf.svg
ambiguity-xsf.xml ambiguity-inline-xsf.xml ambiguity-xsf.svg
buergschaft-xsf.xml buergschaft-inline-xsf.xml buergschaft-xsf.svg
drive-xsf.xml drive-inline-xsf.xml drive-xsf.svg
grimm-xsf.xml grimm-inline-xsf.xml grimm-xsf.svg
gynt-xsf.xml gynt-inline-xsf.xml gynt-xsf.svg
john-xsf.xml john-inline-xsf.xml john-xsf.svg
ledaandswan-xsf.xml ledaandswan-inline-xsf.xml ledaandswan-xsf.svg
peter-xsf.xml peter-inline-xsf.xml peter-xsf.svg
ss-1-xsf.xml ss-1-inline-xsf.xml ss-1-xsf.svg
ss-2-xsf.xml ss-2-inline-xsf.xml ss-2-xsf.svg